These 6,790 comics are the result of over twenty-five years of collecting...and five years of cataloging!

If I just met you at Minnesota's Spring Con 2012, you should know I'm going to be doing a major revamp in the next few weeks, including lowering the prices on hundreds of comics! Meanwhile, if you came here looking for the shirts:
All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Comic Books
Judge A Man by the Size of His...Comic Book Collection

Due to switching to Priority Mail for all shipping, there is a $10.00 minimum order.

A few rules, stipulations, and such.

The entire comic collection, if viewed page-by-page with 100 entries to a page, spans 60 pages, so you'll want to use the subdirectories if at all possible. The TPBs/books and DVD movies are not in this list; they are listed separately.
Comic book trade paperbacks and graphic novels are listed here, along with other books I'm selling.
Pad out your order with these movies on DVD. Some comic book movies included.
I'm a comic book writer, too, and this page features all of my works currently-available.
These are BRAND NEW copies of CrossGen's Digital Comic Books. The DCBs were introduced very late in the company's existence and didn't get much promotion. And needless to say, they are no longer in production. The DCBs use actors, sound effects and music to bring the comic book to life.
All of Superman's ongoing titles as well as minis, one-shots and Elseworlds. Also, all Superman family books including Superboy, Supergirl, Phantom Zone, World of Krypton and Steel. And DC Comics Presents, the Superman team-up book.
Batman's regular titles (Batman, Detective, Shadow, Legends of the Dark Knight) and minis and one-shots.
Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Birds of Prey and others.
Brave and the Bold, DC Comics Presents, World's Finest and Batman/Superman.
The Maid of Might
Needs no explanation. Guy talks to fish.
Uncle Scrooge and some movie adaptations.
I love ol' fire-head. If you're having trouble following the new series, grab these back issues.
Every Flash series, and Impulse.
The Emerald Archer's various series are here.
Gl's many series, as well as Guy Gardner.
Yeah, Hawkman. Needs no explanation.
Here's a large part of my collection. All of their series, one-shots, minis, they are.
All-Star Squadron, the current JSA and more.
Not a big Legion fan, yet somehow I've accumulated these. Mostly, that's because I included L.E.G.I.O.N. and R.E.B.E.L.S. here.
From Batman and the Outsiders to the current series.
All versions of the Titans, plus independent Titan books and Young Justice.
All DC Comics Characters not listed above.
Humor books by DC, Simpsons, PvP and others.
House of Mystery, Ghosts, Vertigo stuff
Star Trek and Star Wars, plus Adam Strange and other anthology comics. You'll also find fantasy and barbarian books.
Sgt. Rock and Jonah's tough guy city here.
One of the all-time greatest comic books, by Kurt Busiek.
All titles by CrossGen comics.
Obviously, I'm not into Marvel. In fact, with a few exceptions the comics listed here haven't even been read by me, they're just stuff I got in other collections.
Dark Horse, Image, Topps, Comico, Shooting Star comics (company that released my own comics) and other independents.